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Les Fleurs du Mal

Following an anxiety-ridden time - set off by the pandemic we’re still in - my Sumi-e “Les Fleurs du Mal” has received its title after Baudelaire’s work due to its decadent brushwork and pigment of the Sumi ink.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool I often make use of in my line of work as an artist.

The strokes are antagonistic, yet inviting, pulling your eye in many directions, then returning its focus to their points of origin.

Perhaps, you’ll seek to prove to yourself that you can follow the brushstrokes, without being distracted by the reaches of its overall intricacy.

This is poetry in monochromatic form; this is poetry in a raw display of emotions.

This is not a portrait, nor the portrayal of a single human being’s pool of feelings.

This is the portrayal of a vast network of human minds that take from one another and then give to others without the expectancy of receiving something else in return.

This is humanity’s portrayal of corrupt motivations, firmness of purpose towards redemption after a life well spent, or characterizing deeds influenced by man’s nature, over some time.

This is the descent of human ascension’s rate throughout its social life, as seen on Earth.


We don’t have time. Time has us.


Sumi-e | D.C.thomas ©2020

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