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DC Thomas Art
DC Thomas



     D.C. Thomas was born and raised in Romania.

    She studied Journalism in Bucharest, where she completed an editorial internship and another in radio broadcasting. In the capital, the artist began cultivating her sensibility for abstract art and photography.

    Her current work includes painting, poetry and prose, and analog and digital photography.

    Now, an American citizen, visual artist, and writer based in the U.S.A., Thomas endeavors to find her voice through art and express her creativity through varied media. 

    Growing up in Romania, the artist’s life has been imbued with history and fairytales woven into the tapestry of her childhood. 

    Both history and myth, have been providing nourishment throughout the course of her life for art creation and shaping new channels for manifesting one’s consciousness.

    D.C. Thomas is the author of a poetry volume: Her Suns and Their Daughters: Daughters Of The Universe Seen (aka DOTUS).

    She works to publish more stories and poems she’s been writing since her childhood spent in Bucharest and its rural vicinity. 

    The Her Suns and Their Daughters: DOTUS anthology, a collection of thoughts on life and dreams, is the debut poetry volume of the artist. 

    This work is a small unit out of myriad literary aspirations D.C. has been containing in a small universe of bonded notebooks. 



    My artwork is an attempt to simply understand and experience the patterns of our existence, its development in and out of this world, and its real and surreal aspects.  Through my art, I closely ponder over some of this Universe’s singularities, leave my comfort zone, and reach for absolutes or meanings other than the ones portrayed by society. 

    To me, the microscopic pigments that make art are as fascinating as the cells of life that make us. 

    I am unequivocally in love with abstract symbolism, and I often delve into my family's past to explore the puzzles of my matrilineality and the traits I inherited from these women. These puzzles are compositions in oil and acrylic paints, gilded with metallic foil – silver and gold, and sometimes glitter or iridescent flakes. 

    I treasure the patterns of our earthly existence and the doors that often lead us to believe we will step into another dimension at a given time. 

    I chose to render these doors as semicircular or rampant arches, as the arch is symbolic of the act of rebirth, a vault of the Sky, and it can also bridge the gap between our world and heaven or a secret place. 

    My stream of consciousness achieves a state of tranquility through the repetition of symbols in art.

Nothing is random. 

Everything is passion. 

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