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I want to thank everyone who made it to the opening reception for I N F I N I T Y last night! It was a dream!

Thank you, hope brill, for inviting me to show with you! I feel honored and I’m very grateful to have been part of this. Thank you to all the patrons and visitors! Thank you, Stephen Schlegel, for the photos you took! They’re beautiful and we’re so happy to have them and reminisce later on. you can check out his work here​ .

Everything was so sweet and memorable - from the strawberries and the chocolate fountain to the interest our patrons took in our works and what motivated us to make art.

I am in awe of the beauty of our community in Clarksville and the curiosity that I witnessed last night in finding out more about what drives us to keep walking on this creative path.

Thank you to all the DAC members who sent us such good thoughts and made it to the gallery last night, and thank you to those who helped us with this art exhibit - family, friends, and people who dared share their emotions with us while standing in front of our works!

other special thanks go to Beverly Parker, Gerald Gilman, Mark Griggs, Janet Felts, Jane Olson, and Leah Foote - very talented artists who helped us in our hour of need.

Love you all!


Visit Hope Brill's website for more photos taken during the opening reception on First Thursday; they are not shown in the gallery below:

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