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DAC Fundraising Auction 2017

As a local artist and patron of the arts, I continue to show my support by donating two original artworks to the DAC`s fundraising auction which will take place on Saturday, April 29th at the F&M Bank (Franklin Room), from 6-8 pm.

If YOU'd also like to show support for your community, local artists, and people who are making daily efforts to welcome and represent talented people by exhibiting their works, you can purchase tickets and attend this fabulous auction, make donations, or visit our gallery and contribute by investing in local art, for collection purposes or pure enjoyment of having it in your own beautiful house.

Tickets are available for purchase at the gallery, DAC Members or you can directly contact me and I will deliver them to you.

At the auction, refreshments will be served, and we also promise door prizes.

The cost of an auction ticket is $20.

Please, contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to know more about this event.

Many thanks,

DC Thomas


"In my vision, depth exists between two worlds.

Like the waters flowing between the sun’s touch and the world of bioluminescent beings, which create light in the abyss of our oceans.

In “Deep Waters” depth is a transitional medium, “the middle earth” between entities that are defined by contrasting elements; here, depth is not the end, but a connector, it is not the bottom of the ocean, it is not the last line where human traits lie dormant or rummage within someone’s personality.

There is life in “Deep Waters”, despite the absence of our star’s illumination; it thrives, it evolves, and it fills the darkness with its light and heart-beating melodies.

When I decided to depict these thoughts, in 2012, I started with acrylics and completed the painting with oils, in 2016, using a rubber comb to apply the last layer and texturize it in elongated lines.

These marks are meant to suggest interconnection and continuity."

"Deep Waters" by DC Thomas Original acrylic & oil painting - all rights reserved! 14" x 18"

"Deep Waters" by D.C.Thomas, acrylic & oil on canvas panel, 14" x 18", all rights reserved!

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