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"Emotional Memory, a Bermuda Triangle Embedded in Us"

My installation is an abstract representation of the Bermuda Triangle and its components which establish an emotional connection to the human memory. This attachment took form through my introspections, written with gouache on coffee-soaked paper.

The geographical coordinates outline the location of our world’s oceans, their trenches, oceanic basins, and plateaus; the Great Barrier Reef which is constantly threatened by climate change, oil spills, shipping accidents, tropical cyclones, fishing, and various others. They depict our real world, where life occurs despite numerous impediments, extending its timeline into the depths of the planet - places where outsiders aren’t welcomed.

To me, a pyramid exposes the angles I use to explore various matters. In this particular case, the tetrahedron depicts three concepts, each one colliding with one another, forming convergent boundaries: memory, fundamental forces, and human error.

They all merge into twisted expansions that can alter or be easily altered.

The memory fades, it is fragile and can decline as fast as it rose to its pinnacle. The sum of all the thoughts and life experiences enriches a vast network of cells, governing senses and actions.

Sometimes, it makes us plunge into its vastness, where it’s cold and dark - where our immediate response to danger is either fight or flight.

Or freeze? Giving in because it causes rapture? What if, despite the warped aspects of our memory that impose peril, we still give in to nostalgic reminiscences? We kept them there for such a long time, and they secured their evolution in microscopic systems. It became part of us. Just like we became part of this world, completely submitted to gravity and many other forces.

Text & Art Concept by D.C.Thomas - all rights reserved

Photographs taken by D.C.Thomas - all rights reserved

Art in the background - Wall Art & Chime Installation by Regina Mick/Framed Watercolor Painting by Leah Foote

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