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"Cloud of Thoughts"

“Cloud of Thoughts” is a collection of poems and introspections, hanging by threads in an attempt to defy Earth's gravity.

Throughout time, only some of the words might survive, being remembered by sensible minds and kind mouths.

The paper, the paint, and the cotton string that hold them in balance are going to disintegrate and fall prey to the passing of millions of moments; they are heading only forward, and never in reverse.

Thoughts, minds, and clouds always change, they are always submitted to a constant state of movement that percolates them in our atmosphere.

Their existence, survival, transmutation, and restoration depend on this beautiful mixture of molecules that fills our lungs and nurtures the cells we're made of.

Text/Art Concept and Photographs by D.C.Thomas - all rights reserved

Note: the poems were written with gouache on coffee-soaked paper.

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